Chicken Sausage

Our sausage is made 100% from our pasture raised chicken! 
We do not add any grains, dairy*, sugar or sweeteners (other than fruit or honey), nor do we use any preservatives or other animal fat in any of our sausages.
We create and test each of our own recipes, blend our spices, mix the sausage by hand using FRESH meat, and manually stuff and link our sausages. They’re a labor of love and we’re proud to bring some really killer flavor options from our kitchen to your’s.

*So, yes, there is dairy in the Apple Cheddar chicken sausage. We keep all cheese processing separate from our other flavors by making and packaging it last.

Year-round flavors:

Pepper Sage, Chorizo, and Italian Herb

Seasonal Specialty Flavors:

Our seasonal sausages are fun and delicious. Some of these flavors include: Freedom Philly, Cilantro Lime, Green Chile Mango, Thai Curry, and Apple Cheddar.
This list is ever growing.  We have many new ideas yet to try!

2 thoughts on “Chicken Sausage

  1. The loose chicken philly sausage is outstanding! I wish I’d purchased more at the last South of the James Farmers Market. It is sooo good. I definitely need more! The loose chicken chirizo sausage is amazing with scrambled eggs!

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